Security Digest

Preventing Theft With Intelligent Lighting And Intrusion Detection

Senstar LM100 along the fence surrounding the boat storage yard of customer Aim Marine

After two thefts from his storage yard, Aim Marine owner David Scott looked to add a layer of security to his property’s 235 m (771 ft) perimeter fence.

The Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system was an ideal solution for protecting his small business.

The LM100 provides high quality, direct illumination along the fence line – deterring intruders and providing targeted illumination for video surveillance systems, all while monitoring the perimeter to detect any attempt to cut, climb or lift the fence fabric. Fully programmable, the luminaires provide general security lighting and can inform intruders that you know where they are by flashing the light. The Senstar LM100 also minimizes light pollution and is energy efficient.

For Mr. Scott, the Senstar LM100 has not only helped prevent theft at his site, but it has basically paid for itself through his substantial insurance reductions.

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