Security Digest

Optimize Security Resources By Combining Technologies


A well-maintained, properly illuminated perimeter fence with intelligent intrusion detection and deterrence capabilities can help keep a site secure while reducing the overall workload for security personnel.  

Valuable security staff resources can be saved by using the Senstar LM100‘s dynamic lighting intensity controls in combination with video analytic-based tripwire detection (part of the Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking analytic built-in to the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform).  


Combining the Senstar LM100 Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Deterrence System with outdoor people and vehicle tracking analytics actively tracks and deters intruders, improving site security while enabling organizations to better optimize security personnel resources. 

The combination of these two technologies creates an active deterrence effect for would-be intruders. Simply approaching the fence causes the Senstar LM100 luminaires within that zone to intensify their illumination, effectively indicating to the person that their presence is detected. This action alone can reduce alarm rates, as it increases the chances that the intruder will simply leave. Note the approach event is still logged, searchable, and recorded for future investigatory use if required. 

Should the intruder choose to proceed and attempt to cut, climb, or otherwise disturb the fence fabric, the embedded accelerometer sensors in the luminaires will detect the intrusion, notify on-site security systems, and strobe at the specific location. Detection and illumination at the precise intrusion location enables centralized monitoring staff to immediately assess the situation in real time, with the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform assisting the task with automatic multi-camera callup, auto-tracking, and precision location display. Additional deterrents like loudspeakers or additional site-wide security lighting can also be engaged to further dissuade the intruder.  


The Senstar LM100 Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Deterrence System provides targeted, uniform illumination along the fence line, enhancing the video quality for better and quicker assessment. If any intrusion at fence occurs, the nearest luminaires strobe to disorient the intruder and visually indicate their location  

The benefits of enhanced deterrence are two-fold: first, avoiding intrusion attempts in the first place reduces the workload of security personnel, enabling resources to be better allocated, while intrusion location data and a well-lit perimeter provide the critical information to maintain situational awareness, make informed decisions, and respond quickly and effectively when required. 

For example, if a potential intruder approaches a fence within a specified distance, the cross line analytic gets triggered by the intruder’s presence. At this time, the lighting level increases on the Senstar LM100 warning the intruder of the detection, increasing the chances that the intruder leaves before even interacting directly with the fence.  

This saves time for security personnel since the fence was never touched and no alarm was generated and therefore no action is required.  

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