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Installing Intelligent Security Lighting On Palisade Fences

Senstar LM100 on palisade fence

Palisade-style fences can provide a high-level of security in an aesthetically pleasing package. Available in cut and crash-resistant versions, they provide wall-like protection while retaining perimeter visibility.

Unfortunately, aesthetics don’t stop intruders. An additional layer of security can turn any fence into a smart fence, one that deters and detects would-be intruders.

The Senstar LM100 Hybrid Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Intelligent Lighting System provides targeted LED-based illumination along the fence line. Additionally, its embedded sensors detect any attempts to climb or break the fence.

Installing the Senstar LM100 on a palisade-style fence is similar to that of other fence types. Each luminaire includes two stainless steel clamps for mounting. Depending on the post shape and size, self-tapping screws may be used instead. In addition, many palisade fences include cable-conduit functionality along their horizontal rails, which can be used to both hide and protect the luminaire power cables.

Calibration of the intrusion detection sensors is the same as with other fence types. First, perform a “buzz” test to generate a profile specific to the fence’s response characteristics. Next, adjust the alarm threshold levels accordingly. The Senstar LM100’s accelerometer-based sensor can detect the smallest of vibrations, ensuring climb attacks are detected (regardless of fence construction) while advanced algorithms reject disturbances generated by environmental effects.

Below are examples of a palisade fence protected with the Senstar LM100.

For information on installing the Senstar LM100, see our instructional videos here.