Product Developer – Microwave Sensors

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As the world’s largest developer of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensors, Senstar’s engineering team has a proven track record of product innovation. With a focus on revitalizing our 24 GHz microwave sensor product line, we need the help of a dedicated, methodical, and versatile engineer.

Senstar’s Ottawa location is home to the world’s largest independently operated outdoor sensor test site – a convenient latitude for real world testing in -40degC to 40degC temperatures, torrential downpours, sleet, snow and near nuclear winds. A successful candidate says “bring it on.”

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The Senstar engineering team is a small, close knit group of designers with a shared goal of creating world class products. We are an optimistic and inclusive bunch – and routinely celebrate this optimism within the team and spread it amongst other departments. Reserving 10% of our time to truly ‘think outside the box’ is very important to us. Friday afternoon ‘bootlegging’ sessions have resulted in significant technological breakthroughs and have been the foundation for several new products. If you’re interested in helping us build the future of Senstar, come join our team!






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