About Us

Senstar has been manufacturing, selling and supporting the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for more than 30 years. Senstar is also a leading provider of personal duress solutions.

Why Senstar?

For more than 30 years, Senstar has been protecting thousands of sites around the world. Our installed perimeter intrusion detection products stretch over 40,000 km (25,000 mi) and our employees represent over 1,000 years of security experience.

The scope of our product portfolio is second to none. We offer a diverse range of in-house technologies and by selling what we manufacture, we can service, customize and expand to meet our customers’ requirements for any project.

With corporate offices in strategic locations worldwide and products operating in more than 80 countries, Senstar has an extensive global presence in the security market.

Senstar is committed to evolving our products through significant investment in advanced research and development. We operate the world’s most comprehensive private perimeter intrusion security test facility to ensure our products perform in the most extreme conditions.

Senstar offers complete technical support and customer service for all our products, including system design and site planning, project management, on-site installation supervision, commissioning, training, documentation and ongoing maintenance.

Working with our customers and third-party partners, we can adapt solutions with the most appropriate technology to address the level of security required and budget available.

Our Products

Senstar manufactures, sells and supports the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies, including fence and wall-mounted sensors, buried sensors, pipeline protection, microwaves, fiber optic sensors, electrostatic sensors, and barrier sensors. Senstar is also a leading provider of personal duress products.

Our Markets

Senstar products can be found protecting assets for the following markets: commercial, transportation, energy, government, VIP, borders, ports, military and law enforcement, correctional, and other critical infrastructure.

Our Locations

Senstar offices are located in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. For contact information, click here.


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